What is Gainz Gym?

This is not any personal training gym. The trainers of this gym are "Health and Beauty" Professionals. We strive to be the gym where customers want to continue going for lifetime. In order to provide best environment and complete privacy we have limited number of members. Gainz Gym aims to help you get that ideal body and a refreshing smile every day. Our trainers will do their best to become an indispensable part of your health routine. So why not change the life by becoming valued member of Gainz Gym?

Quality Trainers!

Gainz Gym trainers have won multiple Body Building championships. Our trainers have extensive experience coaching in American companies and athletes. We provide the best services to our members.

No Method In Gainz Gym!

Gainz Gym does not have any specific method or set routine. We believe that one particular approach does not fit everyone. We have variety of approaches to provide tailored training and customized diet that is best suited for each member.

Joy Every Day!

Gainz Gym not only offers good looking physique but also an all-round services to help you spend healthy day. It's a waste of efforts if you get sick or injured due to excessive dietary restrictions and training. We will support you so that you fell the joy daily and keep your mind and body healthy.

Best Cost Performance!

Gainz Gym does not have unnecessary costs. We have created an environment where you can continue to use our best in class services.

Trainer's Introduction

Takao Ishikawa

石川 貴勇

Trial Training

50 minutes JPY 5500

Please feel free to contact us if you want to go for trial training first.


Please contact us for the details.