Trainer's Introduction

Takao Ishikawa

Hello, my name is Takao Ishikawa. I have been trainer for several years and seen people transform from personal gyms in a short period of time. Many of them face rebound effect soon after they leave gym because of improper diet and inadequate training methods. We wanted to create a gym where customers can go for a long time. So we launched Gainz Gym. We want as many people as possible to say that Gainz Gym changed their life for better.

Eating sweets, spending good time with my pet dog, fashion, traveling and muscle training
2019 NPCJ Men’s Physique Open 3rd position
Coaching Experience
Head Coach in Western Digital a major American Company, Head Coach in CrossFit Gym
NASM-PES, FMS, CrossFit Level 2

Tatsuya Kaga

Even if you have never trained before or not going to the gym for a long time, why not work out in Gainz Gym? Obviously trainers will help you get the results but more importantly you will enjoy your training time in the gym. We will support you lead happy and healthy life by making fitness part of your life.

Music, Movies, CrossFit
Coaching Experience
Coach in Western Digital a major American Company
NESTA-PFT, CrossFit Level 1

Trial Training

50 minutes JPY 5500

Please feel free to contact us if you want to go for trial training first.